We organize a high-class vacation for our guests. See our excursios and call us - we will create an individual tour for you according to your wishes!
Helicopter excursion
Duration: 1,5 hour
Price: from 120 000 rub

Flight over the magnificent Lake Baikal. You will see the mountain ranges of Khamar-Daban, fly to Chersky Peak, enjoy Lake Heart. Take a low flight along the riverbed. You will enjoy the Circum-Baikal Railway (a unique historical site) from a bird's eye view.

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To Mamay mountain by snowmobile
Duration: from 1 day
Price per 2 persons: 110 000 rub (including tour guide and meals)
Price includes:
Snowmobile rental – 35 000 rub per person (including special outfit)
Tour guide – 25 000 rub (per group)
Meals per day – 2 000 rub per person

Travel to Mamai Mountain. Challenge yourself during this journey of increased difficulty. Only for trained. Enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Baikal.

Included in the price: snowmobile rental, uniforms, accompanying guide, meals.
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Snowmobile ride on Baikal
Duration: 1 day
40 000 rub per two persons (meals don't included)

Tour guide 25 000 rub
  • a single ride on a snowmobile 28 000 rub per person
  • ride with guide on a snowmobile 20 000 rub per person
  • meals 1500 rub per person

A ride on the endless ice of Lake Baikal on a Ski-Doo snowmobile. You will drive to the rocky outcrop Devil's Finger. This one-day excursion is also suitable for the unprepared.

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A cable car ride and meeting with husky
Duration: 5 hours
By Minibus 8 000 rub per person
By car Prado 10 000 rub per person
    You will enjoy the view of surrounding area from a height of 900 meters. After a trip by cable car, you will meet husky - the cutest and friendliest animals. You can feed them, take a photo and play.

    Price includes: transfers to destination and back, lunch.
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    Dog sledding
    Duration: 1 hour
    Price: from 5 000 rub with transfers to destination and back

    You go dog sledding on Lake Baikal, and enjoy petting husky - the cutest and friendliest animals.

    Price includes: meeting and playing with husky, taking photos with husky, dog sledding, having snacks (for a long trip).
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    Excursion to the Biosphere Reserve

    Duration: 8-9 hours
    Price: 10 000 rub per person

    Visit the Baikal Biosphere Reserve in the village Tankhoi. The Baikal Biosphere Reserve is famous for its modern infrastructure and scientific complex, with well-equipped hiking trails leading to the valley of a mountain river running along the gorge of the Khamar-Daban ridge.

    After a walk along the eco-trail of the reserve, we will go to the modern visit and information center on the shore of Lake Baikal.
    The new tourist complex has several multimedia exhibitions. You can see almost all the diversity of Lake Baikal's flora and fauna species on plasma screens, thanks to modern technology. Acquaintance with Baikal in such a beautiful place becomes not only affordable and interesting but also fun! We will also visit a photo exhibition about the reserves of Russia, we can watch a film about the reserves of Baikal (if desired), see an impressive panorama of Baikal, and the Khamar-Daban ridge with binoculars. This is the place where V.V. Putin released omul fry in Baikal in 2017.
    An excursion to the Visit center takes 3 hours.
    Lunch at the Visit center.

    Price includes transfers, excursions, entrance tickets to the museums, lunch.
    Water trip to the western side of Baikal

    Duration: 5 hours
    Price: from 15 000 rub per person
    (mini group, not more than 4 people)

    Two events in one excursion: you will cross Lake Baikal and get acquainted with a unique historical object in which time seemed to stop - the Tsar's Railway (the Circum-Baikal railway)

    Price includes transfer to runabout and back, runabout rental, excursion services, lunch.
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    Boat trip on Baikal

    Duration: 1,5 hour
    Price: from 10 000 rub per person
    (mini group, not more than 4 people)

    During this trip, you will admire the beauties of Lake Baikal, hear the legends of the great Lake, and enjoy beautiful views of the water surface.

    Price includes transfers to the boat trip and back, excursion services, boat trip rental.
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    Arshan: a trip to "Siberian Switzerland"
    Duration: 12 hours
    Price: from 15 000 rub per person (mini group, not more than 4 people)

    You will hear a fascinating story about the Buryat culture, you will see picturesque panoramas of Irkut and Zun-Muren river valleys, the peaks of Tunka Range, the sacred shamanistic place "Buha-Noyon". A walk to the crater of a real volcano is another highlight of our tour!

    By lunchtime, we arrive in Arshan village - a resort with mineral springs, and a tourist center of modern Buryatia.
    You will get acquainted with the national cuisine, see the Stone River, and the local farmers market. And, as in real Switzerland, we will become mountain tourists for a while and go up to the first observation deck to enjoy the view of Tunka valley, and then go down and go along the narrow mountain canyon of the Kyngargi River to the First Waterfall.

    At the end of the tour, we will go to the Old Datsan and get in touch with 100 years history of Buddhism in Arshan. Spin the drums, go around the Stupa, visit Khoymorsky datsan. You can get incense and smoking sticks for meditation.

    Price includes: ticket to the creative cottage "House of the Artist", permission to visit the national park "Pribaikalsky", meals, transfer RT (car/minibus).
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