Authentic Baikal cuisine is love from the first bite! In contrast to European cuisine, Siberian cuisine is famous for its combination of fish and game with taiga herbs, cooking over an open fire, smoking, or drying with a special, natural flavor.
Taiga gave us the best fruits and berries, which in combination with farm natural products turn an ordinary Breakfast into a gastronomic pleasure!

We carefully developed the best combinations of ingredients for you, found the most original tastes, and created a menu that will help you to "taste" the real beauty of the Siberian holiday.
We value not only the taste of life, but also the taste of properly prepared food, so it takes us more than a year to choose the ideal candidate for the role of chef.

Now we are fully confident that we can make all your gastronomic dreams come true!
- chef of the restaurant "Ice"
To visit Lake Baikal and not to try juicy Buuzes (a type of Mongolian steamed dumpling filled with meat) and Baikal fish means not to fully experience the essence of the Baikal region.
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Helicopter tour
You will see the fascinating Valley of the Stone Spirits and enjoy the fantastic panoramas of Lake Baikal from the tops of rocky cliffs.
A trip to "Siberian Switzerland"
Acquaintance with one of the cozy corners of nature among the mountain ranges of the Eastern Sayan.