There are two baths located near Chalet, and also Siberian vat (open-air bath), so you can "take a dive" into the rest as Siberian people do.
We invite you to our unique sauna, which is decorated with Canadian cedar, alder, and Linden, with a capacity of up to 6 people. With access to Lake Baikal!

Canadian cedar has a pronounced odor of pine needles, and the subtle balsamic odor of essential oils of wood is very useful for health.
Alder has antimicrobial and antiphlogistic properties. Recommended for the treatment of respiratory diseases, rheumatism, and joint diseases.

Linden is famous for its diaphoretic and purifying properties. It helps to reduce the risk of colds. By secreting phytoncides (biologically active substances that kill and inhibit the growth and development of bacteria), Linden creates an excellent microclimate in the steam room.
In addition, recesses in our steam room are made of Himalayan salt, which healing properties will help you to remove chronic fatigue. At high temperatures, the activity of the mineral increases significantly. The air is saturated with negative salt ions, and becomes an antiseptic. This is great for the bronchi and sinuses. The microclimate becomes similar to the sea.
The large bath – 5000 rub/ hour (at least 2 hours).

Capacity is up to 6 people.
And if you have a desire, you can visit the bath-barrel of spruce, this is a great way to feel rejuvenated, light and healthy.
Barrel bath - 2500 rub/hour (at least 2 hours).
Capacity is up to 3 persons.
Siberian rejuvenating vat - 5000 rub/2 hours. It's just a fairy tale - to bask in the fresh air in warm water!
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