The road from the airport of Irkutsk to the hotel along the federal highway P258 "Baikal" in the direction of Ulan-Ude is 127 km long.

The road passes through the complex mountainous landscape of the Olkhinsky plateau. On the horizon, you can see the massive mountain system of the Eastern Sayan Mountains. A leisurely ride on such a road brings you real aesthetic pleasure.

Having reached the mark of 127 km, after 100 meters you need to turn left on the forest road.

After 1.5 km of the forest road, you pass under the railway bridge, do not turn to Baikal, and ride along the railway.

Do not turn to Mangutai village!
If you have any questions on the route, please call us: +7 (958) 756-89-48
Address: 665904, Russia, Mangutai, Baikalskaya 1v, Slyudyansky district, Mangutai village
Middle class
Land Cruiser Prado – 7000 rub
High class
Infiniti QX80 - 8000 rub
Lexus ES - 8000 rub
Mercedes-Benz S W222 – 20 000 rub
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